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How to Participate

Fill out the Participating Library Profile and send it to

Q: What are the advantages of this program for libraries?


Q:What if my library is not in Texas?

Q: What would be required on the part of my library?

Q: What if my library already has chat software but needs it to be staffed at other times?

Q: What types of questions do you answer?

Some examples of the types of questions we answer: We are not always able to answer technology related questions, but we try to direct patrons to the correct department or individual who can best assist them. If questions are extremely specific to a certain library, we will refer them to our contact person there and tell patrons an answer will come as soon as possible.

Q: Do we have the option to discontinue the service if we later decide we no longer want/need it?

Yes, it is possible to cancel service at any time.

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